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To Establish a New Uni-K Plan®* - Complete and Submit:

  • Owner Certification Form – This form certifies that you are eligible to establish a Uni-K Plan®. (Send original to Amundi Pioneer.)
  • Uni-K Adoption Agreement – This form creates your Uni-K Plan®. (Retain original and send copy to Amundi Pioneer.)


To Fund a New Uni-K Plan®* - Complete and Submit:

  • Plan Sponsor Information & Access Agreement – This form establishes banking information for your plan, which will allow you to make electronic contributions (employer and salary deferral) to your plan. (Send original to Amundi Pioneer).


Also Enclosed:

  • Sample Corporate Resolution (for incorporated businesses)


Review and Retain:

  • Uni-K Plan® Basic Plan Document – You may download or order this electronically by going to the Literature & Forms section of our website, Save this document with your plan records.


Important Information for the Uni-K Participant - For Each Uni-K Plan® Participant - Complete and Submit:

  • Uni-K Account Application – Each Uni-K participant must complete and submit a Uni-K Account Application.
  • Uni-K Rollover/Transfer Form – Use this form to roll over or transfer assets into your Uni-K account from another retirement plan.
  • Designation of Beneficiary Form – Complete this form if you wish to designate a beneficiary(ies) for your Uni-K account.


Also Available:

  • Beneficiary Information for Participants and Spouses – Please provide this form to Amundi Pioneer and keep a copy with your records. For additional beneficiary information, refer to the Beneficiary Information for Participants and Spouses Q&A included in this kit.
  • Salary Deferral Agreement – Each participant who elects to make salary deferral contributions should fill out a Uni-K Salary Deferral Agreement. Keep this with your records. Do not send to Amundi Pioneer.


Mailing Information:

Mail to:

Pioneer Funds

P.O. Box 55150

Boston, MA 02205-5150


Overnight Address:

Pioneer Funds

30 Dan Road                

Canton, MA 02021-2809


Fax to:



* Existing Uni-K Plans – Only complete these forms if you wish to update your existing Uni-K Plan® information. Call Amundi Pioneer for additional information at: 866-622-7815.




For information on any Pioneer fund, please request a free kit from investment representative or Amundi Pioneer at 1-866-622-7815. The kit includes a prospectus describing charges and expenses and a quarterly fact sheet containing the latest holdings and fund performance. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.