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What Makes This Fund Different?

  • Focus on quality and active management – We believe quality companies with sustainable competitive advantages can outperform their peers.  By taking active positions in the securities we own, we seek to differentiate ourselves versus the Fund’s benchmark and Morningstar peer group.
  • Integrated investment approach – The Fund combines quantitative screening with bottom-up  fundamental analysis and top-down macroeconomic themes, seeking to maximize risk-adjusted returns.
  • Comprehensive risk management – The Fund limits individual position size, sector weights, tracking error and other risk factors during the portfolio construction process.
  • Experienced investment team – The Fund’s management team has average industry experience of more than 20 years.

Why Does Active Share Matter?

Active share reflects the percentage of stock holdings in a fund’s portfolio that differ from the benchmark index. A higher active share increases the opportunity for the team’s insights to have a meaningful impact on performance relative to the benchmark.


By diversifying our active share across companies, sectors and countries, we minimize the risk that any one event will significantly detract from performance. 


Pioneer Global Equity Fund

Individuals are encouraged to seek advice from their financial, legal, tax and other appropriate advisers before making any investment or financial decisions or purchasing any financial, securities or investment-related product or service, including any product or service described in these materials. Amundi Pioneer does not provide investment advice or investment recommendations

Fund Facts

Tickers, CUSIPs
Class A: GLOSX, 72387N705
Class C: GCSLX, 72387N887
Class Y: PGSYX, 72387N788


Seeks long-term capital growth.


Pursues attractive risk-adjusted returns using an opportunistic approach to invest in high quality companies, globally.


Inception Date
December 15, 2005


MSCI World Index


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