With our Classic Concepts collection, Pioneer Investments offers a series of time-honored 
investment strategies to help investors maintain a long-term focus while navigating uncertain markets.

Volatility Drives Down Your Compounded Dollars!

Negative returns and high volatility are very destructive to long term wealth building and particularly destructive to retirement portfolios where yearly withdrawals may be taking place.

Market Corrections Offer Opportunities

Taking advantage of buying opportunities when markets are down has historically proven to be an effective strategy for building long-term wealth.

The Importance of Diversification

For many investors, staying diversified helps to alleviate concerns about being in the right place at the right time.

Timing the Market May Mean Missed Opportunities

Four hypothetical investment scenarios help to illustrate the historical long-term benefits of searching for opportunity rather than shelter during a market crisis.

Market Downturns May Offer Opportunities

It's time, not timing, that counts when you're investing for long-term growth.

Crisis Events & the US Stock Market

The US stock market has experienced its share of crisis events—from wars to political upsets, to many unforeseen human tragedies.