In the 1920s, Pioneer Investments was among the first U.S. investment companies to invest outside the United States. Since then we have continued to take a leading role in the industry by expanding our international presence. Today, Pioneer Investment Management, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of the larger Pioneer Global Asset Management S.p.A. (PGAM). As the investment management arm of UniCredit Group (UCG) based in Milan, PGAM manages $248.9 billion (as of March 31, 2016) under the name Pioneer Investments®, with $67.2 billion managed in the U.S. We have investment centers in Boston, Dublin and London.


Our local presence in these offices around the world strengthens our ability to gather company-specific information in the larger context of sector, country and global activity. Being "in the markets" allows us to enhance current working relationships and build new ones with influential business and government leaders.


Pioneer's on-the-ground research allows our dedicated analysts to meet face to face with top management of corporations, enabling us to make investment decisions that go deeper than what market trends or remote analysis can provide.

Pioneer understands that there is strength in numbers - not just the numbers that represent investment success, but the numbers of people who work on behalf of our investors.


Today, Pioneer employs over 350 investment professionals around the globe, conducting more than 4,000 company meetings annually. Our research analysts are organized by sector and follow companies' stocks throughout their lifecycle.


Naturally, technology plays an enormous role in the communication and dissemination of information and investment data. Through video-conferencing, telecommunications and our vast computer networks, our research analysts remain connected to our investment interests and to the Pioneer community on a real-time basis.