For over 85 years, Pioneer Investments has been a leading innovator in the investment management industry worldwide. We have steadily maintained and nurtured an investment process that seeks out the very best opportunities around the globe, while not compromising on risk-management. We know that we will not be successful if we cannot bring success to our investment community. That is why our deliberate approach to risk assessment and our original, fundamental research are at the very heart of our investment discipline.


We complement our patient and thoughtful approach with a global presence that has its roots in the Pioneer Fund launched in 1928 by investing legend Philip Carret. From the very beginning, Mr. Carret had a deep appreciation for the merits of international investing. Over the years we have evolved our international investment capability beyond merely purchasing securities from foreign issuers. With investment hubs around the globe, Pioneer now combines a worldwide presence with unique market insights, to share the very best investment ideas among our research and portfolio management teams.