Pioneer Investments is a global asset management company serving investors and their advisors worldwide since 1928. Our success is built on striking a balance between two important strengths: consistency and innovation. Through consistency, we have achieved a truly global presence with offices in 28 countries with $244,439 billion globally and $71,573 billion in the US in assets under management (as of March 31, 2017). Through innovation, we have developed a unique approach to asset management that includes mutual funds, separately managed accounts, annuities, retirement plans and more. Today we rely on the same entrepreneurial spirit that helped build our company to pursue consistent results for our investors.

Pioneer Investments is part of the UniCredit Group (UCG), headquartered in Milan, Italy, and one of Europe's leading banks. With the backing from a financially successful parent company such as UCG, we are ideally positioned to expand our global reach and network across markets.


Original thinking

When applying our investment discipline - tested over 85 years of asset management - we are always focused on the financial goals of the investor. We believe the route to adding value is based on Fundamental Research, Quantitative Research and Portfolio Construction. We use these characteristics to define our stock selection and our approach to asset management.

Operating from multiple investment hubs worldwide gives us a broad and intense understanding of local markets and companies. Our research analysts and portfolio managers work closely together, sharing the best ideas across time zones and borders in order to create innovative investment ideas.

Original, proprietary research remains the cornerstone of our investment process and supports every investment decision we make. We believe that performing our own research is the most effective way to understand the companies in which we invest. We pay equal attention to risk and return in an effort to deliver attractive returns over the long-term.

Partnership with Financial Professionals

Our core commitment to original fundamental research, solid investment opportunities and our global reach allow us to channel our asset management skills into product for both the financial advisor and institutional marketplaces.