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Weekly Compass:
A Capital Markets Update

September 19, 2016
Big Spike in Global Yields from Recent Lows: Have we seen a bottom or is this a head fake?


US Treasury yields have been subjected to upward pressure recently. Investors have become more confident that the Fed will raise its rate target this year, and incoming data supports forecasts for solid GDP growth in the second half of the year. The benchmark 10- year Treasury yield was 1.70% on Friday (9/16), up slightly from 1.67% the previous week and 0.33% higher than its recent low on July 8. While data is supportive of growth, volatility in financial markets reflects uncertainty, as investors doubt the effectiveness of the central banks’ stimulative policies.

Strength Across the Board










At Pioneer Investments, strength begins with our consistent, structured investment process based on research, active portfolio management and a careful balance of risk and reward. The results speak for themselves. 


US Economic Outlook Improving


Recent US economic data indicate that the US may deliver growth of over 2% as well as modestly higher inflation for the second half of the year, for overall 2.0% GDP growth over the next 12 months.

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