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Weekly Compass:
A Capital Markets Update

September 26, 2016
Central Banks Boost Market


Global markets rarely rise in sync, but central banks in the US, Japan, New Zealand and Norway all issued policy statements this week that contributed to a global rally across asset classes. Stocks, bonds and commodities in the US, Europe and most emerging markets rallied. While investors took a breather on Friday, September 23, the global risk-on trade left markets up for the week.

Strength Across the Board










At Pioneer Investments, strength begins with our consistent, structured investment process based on research, active portfolio management and a careful balance of risk and reward. The results speak for themselves. 


US Economic Outlook Improving


Recent US economic data indicate that the US may deliver growth of over 2% as well as modestly higher inflation for the second half of the year, for overall 2.0% GDP growth over the next 12 months.

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