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Pioneer’s Focus for 2013 Can be Summed Up in Three Letters: VIP (Volatility, Income, Perspectives)

In an increasingly uncertain economic environment, Pioneer Investments is always striving to provide helpful information to investors who have been bombarded with negative news about global economic conditions and, in particular, the future of their investment accounts.

In 2013, Pioneer will continue to address three of the very important problems faced by today’s investors:

Volatility Management — Rising market volatility, particularly when compared with prior decades, has been hurting investors’ confidence. Pioneer will provide in-depth research on this topic and attempt to inform investors about traditional and non-traditional strategies that may help them to manage assets in today’s more volatile environment.

Income Generation — Record-low interest rates have created enormous challenges for investors, both in the short term and long term. Pioneer will address the nature of the risks associated with income-producing investments and provide investors with ideas on how to generate income.

Perspectives on the Markets — As investors struggle to digest negative financial news while attempting to make smart investment decisions, Pioneer will continue to offer educational materials, including our investment blog,, and other pieces that provide insights from the company’s portfolio managers, while also offering perspectives on volatility management and income generation.