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In 1928, Pioneer's founder Philip Carret helped originate value investing – a style of investment that remains at the core of our investment philosophy today. We invest in equities using a consistent, structured process coupled with strong research and proprietary risk and active portfolio management.

Three key components drive our institutional equity portfolio construction.

Sophisticated, Fundamental Research

  • Career analysts, specialized expertise: Our central research team is comprised of a team of U.S. investment analysts, each of whom averages 18 years of experience in a specific asset class and sector. These experts perform comprehensive analysis and rating of each investment under consideration.

  • Iterative, proven process: Together, our portfolio management team and analysts complete strategy-specific analysis and determine whether a company is a good fit for the portfolio.

Bottom-Up Security Selection

  • Focus on positive alpha: We seek to identify and invest in companies that effectively deploy capital and have sound prospects for future opportunities and have consistently demonstrated strong performance.

  • Concentrate on consistent risk/return: An emphasis on quality and valuation, combined with sound portfolio construction and risk management, helps ensure consistent risk/return profiles.

Comprehensive Risk Management

  • Tested, proven, proprietary: Our proprietary process provides the framework and guidelines that ensure our team is consistently connected to our core philosophy.

  • Preservation of client capital: Protecting client capital serves as the key focus in the stock selection phase. This, together with the processes outlined above, helps ensure that our clients' long-term goals are met.