Pioneer Long/Short Bond Fund

Top 10 Portfolio Holdings as of 8/31/2015
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Security Name Par / Shares Market Value
Alternative Loan Trust 2005-J4, Floating Rate Note, 7/25/35 $
BAMLL Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2014-INLD, Floating Rate Note, 12/17/29 (144A) $
Bank of America Corp., Floating Rate Note, 10/23/49 $
Bear Stearns Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-PWR14, 5.273%, 12/11/38 $
Bombardier, Inc., 7.5%, 3/15/18 (144A) $
Caelus Re 2013, Ltd., Floating Rate Note, 4/7/20 (Cat Bond) (144A) $
Carefree Portfolio Trust 2014-CARE, Floating Rate Note, 11/15/29 (144A) $
Cds: (Cdx.Na.Hy.21 35-100%) Usd 20dec18 Buy Bnr0vhk30 $
Cds: (Cdx.Na.Ig.19 0-3%) Usd 20dec17 Buy Bnr1b3mw5 $
Cds: (Cdx.Na.Ig.19 0-3%) Usd 20dec17 Buy Bnr1dwk50 $
Cds: (Itraxx.Eur.21 3-6%) Eur 20jun19 Bnr13xh46 $
CFCRE 2015-RUM Mortgage Trust, Floating Rate Note, 7/15/17 (144A) $
Chesapeake Energy Corp., 3.25%, 3/15/16 $
Citigroup, Inc., Floating Rate Note (Perpetual) $
Citigroup Commercial Mortgage Trust 2014-GC23 REMICS, Floating Rate Note, 7/12/47 (144A) $
Cme: (Cdx.Na.Hy.17.V9) Usd 20dec16 Z919gm1c1 $
Cme: (Cdx.Na.Hy.24.V2) Usd 20jun20 Z91r5q076 $
Cme: (Cdx.Na.Ig.24.V1) Usd 20jun20 Z91qxs9p4 $
COBALT CMBS Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C2, Floating Rate Note, 4/15/47 $
COMM 2006-C8 Mortgage Trust, 5.377%, 12/10/46 $
Comm Flt% 10dec49 07-C9-H $
Credit Agricole SA, Floating Rate Note (Perpetual) (144A) $
Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp., Floating Rate Note, 12/17/40 $
CSMC Trust 2015-SAND MZ, Floating Rate Note, 8/15/30 (144A) $
Dec15 Mez5 P @ 1670 $
Dec15 Mez5 P @ 1775 $
Dec15 Mez5 P @ 1880 $
Dec15 Mez5 P @ 1985 $
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, 6.0%, 3/3/16 $
First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2003-FFC, Floating Rate Note, 11/25/32 $
Fixed 06 May 2025 Usd 2.2015% $
Fixed 07 Aug 2019 Usd 1.8185% $
Float 06 May 2025 Usd 3m Libor 0 Bps $
Float 07 Aug 2019 Usd 3m Libor 0 Bps $
GAHR Commercial Mortgage Trust 2015-NRF, Floating Rate Note, 12/15/34 (144A) $
GS Mortgage Securities Corp II Series 2005-GG4, Floating Rate Note, 7/10/39 $
Ice: (Itraxx.Xo.21.V1) Eur 20jun19 Z91jedh42 $
Icon Brand Holdings LLC, 4.229%, 1/26/43 (144A) $
ING Groep NV, Floating Rate Note (Perpetual) $
Irwin Whole Loan Home Equity Trust 2003-C, Floating Rate Note, 6/25/28 $
JP Morgan Chase Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-CIBC16, 5.623%, 5/12/45 $
Kilimanjaro Re, Ltd., Floating Rate Note, 4/30/18 (Cat Bond) (144A) $
LB-UBS Commercial Mortgage Trust 2006-C1, Floating Rate Note, 2/15/41 $
Lbubs Flt% 15nov40 05-C7-E $
ML-CFC Commercial Mortgage Trust 2006-3, Floating Rate Note, 7/12/46 $
Morgan Stanley, Floating Rate Note (Perpetual) $
New Century Home Equity Loan Trust, Floating Rate Note, 8/25/34 $
Nomura Asset Acceptance Corp Alternative Loan Trust Series 2004-AR2, Floating Rate Note, 10/25/34 $
Petrobras Global Finance BV, 3.875%, 1/27/16 $
PFP 2015-2, Ltd., Floating Rate Note, 7/14/34 (144A) $
Residential Reinsurance 2012, Ltd., Floating Rate Note, 12/6/16 (Cat Bond) (144A) $
Rmat 5% 27jul20 15-1-A2 $
Scds: (Abgsm) Eur 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dt828 $
Scds: (Abgsm) Eur 20dec16 Buy Bnr1uzpn0 $
Scds: (Abgsm) Eur 20sep20 Sell Bnr1wnrj2 $
Scds: (Acafp) Eur 20sep20 Sell Bnr1t8fs2 $
Scds: (Aks) Usd 20dec16 Buy Bnr1vukr6 $
Scds: (Ally) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1t8ss8 $
Scds: (Ally) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1x3rg1 $
Scds: (Apa) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1vun02 $
Scds: (Apa) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2jh1 $
Scds: (Bac) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1tc2r9 $
Scds: (Bby) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1vuuv6 $
Scds: (Btu) Usd 20mar16 Buy Bnr1uyj91 $
Scds: (C) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1tc2u2 $
Scds: (Cle) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dt7e3 $
Scds: (Do) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1tc307 $
Scds: (Do) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2pj0 $
Scds: (Dvn) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1xfwp8 $
Scds: (Etp) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1tc2n8 $
Scds: (Etp) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2k71 $
Scds: (Ftr) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1vupz3 $
Scds: (Ftr) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1wr8b1 $
Scds: (Ihrt) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1e3mh5 $
Scds: (Ihrt) Usd 20dec16 Buy Bnr1uyk32 $
Scds: (Intned) Eur 20sep20 Sell Bnr1t8gd4 $
Scds: (Jcp) Usd 20dec16 Buy Bnr1dy0m1 $
Scds: (Kmi) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1vn0z6 $
Scds: (Kmi) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2k48 $
Scds: (Mbi) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dwjz6 $
Scds: (Mbi) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1j2w65 $
Scds: (Mbi) Usd 20dec16 Buy Bnr1v0hu9 $
Scds: (Mbi) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1wl7b5 $
Scds: (Mni) Usd 20jun16 Buy Bnr1kuy93 $
Scds: (Ms) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1tc331 $
Scds: (Nbr) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1tc364 $
Scds: (Nbr) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2kq9 $
Scds: (Ne) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1tc398 $
Scds: (Nsino) Eur 20dec15 Buy Bnr1am735 $
Scds: (Nsino) Eur 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dwhz8 $
Scds: (Nsino) Eur 20mar16 Buy Bnr1uzpu4 $
Scds: (Nsino) Eur 20sep17 Sell Bnr1wr839 $
Scds: (Nsino) Eur 20sep20 Buy Bnr1wr862 $
Scds: (Pkd) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1t8s74 $
Scds: (Pkd) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2ju2 $
Scds: (Shld) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dwg14 $
Scds: (Shld) Usd 20dec16 Buy Bnr1uyjz3 $
Scds: (Toy) Usd 20dec15 Buy Bnr1dt7a1 $
Scds: (Toy) Usd 20mar16 Buy Bnr1uykf5 $
Scds: (Ufs) Usd 20sep20 Sell Bnr1vuxw1 $
Scds: (Wft) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1tc3g2 $
Scds: (Wft) Usd 20sep20 Buy Bnr1w2l13 $
Swp: Usd 1.818500 07-Aug-2019 Usd Sell $
Swp: Usd 2.201500 06-May-2025 Usd Sell $
TAL Advantage V LLC, 4.1%, 2/22/39 $
Tbill Zero% 03sep15 $
Tbill Zero% 05nov15 $
Tbill Zero% 15sep15 $
U.S. Treasury Bills, 0.0%, 10/29/15 $
U.S. Treasury Bills, 0.0%, 9/10/15 $
U.S. Treasury Bills, 0.0%, 9/17/15 $
U.S. Treasury Bills, 0.0%, 9/24/15 $
U.S. Treasury Floating Rate Note, 0.12000632%, 7/31/16 $
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note, Floating Rate Note, 1/31/16 $
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note, Floating Rate Note, 1/31/17 $
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note, Floating Rate Note, 10/31/16 $
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note, Floating Rate Note, 4/30/16 $
United States Treasury Floating Rate Note, Floating Rate Note, 4/30/17 $
Volt 4.375% 25jul45 15-Np11-A2 $
Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust Series 2005-C22, Floating Rate Note, 12/15/44 $
Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust Series 2007-C34, Floating Rate Note, 5/15/46 $
Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage Trust 2010-C1, 4.0%, 11/18/43 (144A) $
Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage Trust 2014-TISH, Floating Rate Note, 1/15/27 (144A) $

The portfolio is actively managed, and current holdings may be different.

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