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The Weekly Compass: A Capital Markets Update

Insights & Perspectives | April 28, 2016  

Fed, Bank of Japan Both on Hold For Now
The main focus of the week was on central banks as the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan both met. While not changing rates, the Fed did amend its statement released after the meeting to indicate that earlier concerns about the global drag on the strength of the US economy may be receding. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) also stood pat, which surprised markets, and will continue to assess the impact of its earlier moves before engaging in further easing.

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FOMC Statement: A More Positive Tone

Perspectives | April 27, 2016  

As expected, and in keeping with the minutes from its March meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided to keep rates on hold.

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Pioneer Compass: A Quarterly Update on the Direction of the Markets

Insights & Perspectives | April 22, 2016  

Pioneer's COMPASS presentation provides comprehensive data and commentary on global markets. Designed as a tool to help clients understand the markets and support investment decision-making, the capital markets update explores the potential implications of current economic data and changing market conditions.

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The Case for Municipal Bond Investing

Perspectives | April 21, 2016  

In an era of low US Treasury yields and with municipal/Treasury ratios near or above 100%, tax-exempt bonds may provide a favorable source of income versus other fixed income asset classes.

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Macro Advisory Forum: Central Banks are Pushing on a String

Insights & Perspectives | April 8, 2016  

Markets are increasingly testing the effectiveness of Central Banks (CBs), pushing them to over-deliver, but this strategy could become dangerous. Pioneer Investments' specialists recently gathered to discuss the role of CBs going forward and found that the risk of disappointing markets is rising, which could stir new waves of volatility.

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