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The Weekly Compass: A Capital Markets Update

Insights & Perspectives | June 30, 2016  

Markets Stabilize After Brexit - With Longer-Term Negative Impacts to Come
Going into the US Independence Day holiday, global markets have stabilized. Over the past weekend, the shock of the Brexit "leave" vote was compounded by the absence of planning and subsequent backtracking on explicit promises from the victorious “leave” camp. British politics have been roiled, with both the Conservative and Labor parties actively engaged in fights over who will now lead the country out of the European Union (EU). Leading “leave” proponent Boris Johnson withdrew from the fight. The EU, for its part, met this week to discuss the pending withdrawal of, and negotiations with, the UK.

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CIO Letter: A Fork in the Road for Europe: Investing Post-Brexit

Insights & Perspectives | June 30, 2016  

A few days after the Brexit vote, which caught most people by surprise, us included, we
believe that there are two questions which really matter for investors: 1) will
policymakers succeed in stabilizing a violent, negative market reaction in the shortterm?
And 2) what will happen to the process of European integration and to the
European Union, as we got to know it, in the medium to long-term?

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Investing after "Brexit"

Insights & Perspectives | June 24, 2016  

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) statement yesterday was predictably neutral to slightly dovish.

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Investing after Brexit: Investment Views After the UK Referendum

Investment Talks | June 24, 2016  

After the unexpected "Leave" outcome of the U.K. referendum, we see conditions for a risk-off environment in the near-term. Markets are opening this morning significantly lower. However we believe that Central Banks are ready to act and their immediate focus will be to stabilize the markets and provide liquidity if needed.

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US Fixed Income Market Outlook

Video | May 19, 2016  

US Fixed Income in a Wave of Unconventional Global Monetary Policy
In this video, Ken Taubes, Pioneer's Chief Investment Officer US, shares his thoughts on the direction of the US fixed income markets amidst a wave of unconventional global monetary policy.

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Insights & Perspectives

The Weekly Compass: A Capital Markets Update (June 30, 2016)  

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Investing after Brexit: Investment Views After the UK Referendum (June 24, 2016)  

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